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Booth #: 600
3M Animal Care Products
3M Center, Bldg. 223-5N-10
Saint Paul, MN 55144
(651) 736-7600
(651) 733-9151
For more than 100 years, people around the world have looked to 3M for products and ideas that solve problems and make their lives easier and better.   3M Animal Care has been serving the animal health industry for more than four decades, providing high quality products and services to vet professionals, trainers and pet owners in the companion animal and equine marketplace.

Booth #: TT-1
539 Wild Horse Lane
San Marcos, CA 92078
(214) 505-1548
(760) 301-0349
The American Association of Equine Veterinary Technicians and Assistants (AAEVT) offers equine CE courses, education and training focusing on all aspects of equine practice geared toward the needs, experience level and interests of all our members. Membership in the AAEVT is open to all veterinary technicians, assistants, and support/office staff with an equine interest AND those employed in the veterinary health care industry worldwide. Student membership is also available. We have formed a VTS Academy: Specialty in Equine Veterinary Nursing and offer an online equine certification program. WWW.AAEVT.ORG

Booth #: 610
AAHA - American Animal Hospital Association
12575 W Bayaud Ave
Lakewood, CO 80228
(720) 963-4494
(303) 986-1700
AAHA, the only exclusive companion-animal veterinary association, serves approximately 6,000 practice teams throughout the U.S. and Canada. Nearly 3,400 of those teams are accredited, voluntarily choosing to be evaluated every three years and adhering to the highest standards in the industry. Our mission is to provide veterinary professionals with the resources they need to effectively manage their businesses while delivering the best in companion-animal care.

Booth #: 701
3240 Whipple Rd
Union City, CA 94587
(510) 675-6615
(510) 952-3108
Abaxis is your total laboratory partner, offering the comprehensive and innovative VetScan line of on-site diagnostic instruments and rapid tests and reference laboratory services (AVRL). The VetScan name has become synonymous with convenience, ease of use and cost-effectiveness, delivering on our promise of speed, accuracy and reliability. Abaxis delivers it all.

Booth #: 604
Abbott Animal Health
100 Abbott Park Rd., AP 6C-5
Abbott Park, IL 60064
(847) 937-7407
(847) 937-9010
Abbott Animal Health is a leading provider of veterinary labeled products and education resources. Our product portfolio includes; Pain Management: OroCAM™ (meloxicam) transmucosal oral spray; Anesthetics: SevoFlo® (sevoflurane), PropoFlo™ (propofol), PropoFlo 28™ (propofol) and IsoFlo® (isoflurane); IV Fluid Therapy products: catheters, accessories, sets, and solutions including VetStarch™ (6% hydroxyethel starch 130/0.4); Diagnostics: the AlphaTRAK2® Blood Glucose Monitoring System; Wound Management: GLUture® Topical Tissue Adhesive; and Nutritional products: CliniCare® Canine/Feline & CliniCare® RF liquid diet.

Booth #: Foyer 7
Accutrend/Sports Resource Group
210 Belmont Rd.
Hawthorne, NY 10532
914 747 8572
914 741 5623
Sports Resource Group (www.lactate.com) distributes portable lactate analyzers:  Lactate Plus and Lactate Scout.  These analyzers are fast, inexpensive and portable, and measure blood lactate in 13 seconds or less.  The company also sells reagent strips for these instruments plus the Accutrend Lactate.  These systems are useful in both small and large animal practices.

Booth #: 621
Addison Biological Laboratory
507 N. Cleveland Ave.
Fayette, MO 65248
800 331 2530
660 244 2554
Stop by the Addison exhibit to hear the latest success stories from the leaders in zinc based technology! Ask how to obtain a FREE sample of veterinary dermatology’s most exclusive wound and skin care topicals, MAXI/GUARD Zn7 Derm and Zn7 Derm Spray. Also, learn how Zn 4.5 Otic safely resolves tough cases of yeast otitis. In addition, learn why MAXI/GUARD Oral Cleansing Gel and OraZn are recommended for oral care problems. Be sure to take a look at our new supply of neckties and take advantage of our fabulous show specials!

Booth #: 425
Advanced Anesthesia Specialists, LLC
1042 Willow Creek Rd, A101-515
Prescott, AZ 86301
866 931 3292
888 550 3292
We are a global leader in the design and manufacture of veterinary anesthesia and critical care equipment and supplies.  We focus on innovations in anesthesia delivery and patient warming that protect patients, reduce pollution and save veterinarians money.  AAS is owned by veterinary anesthesia specialists who are dedicated to educational outreach, and engineer sensible, efficient and easy to use equipment. 

Booth #: 112
Advanced Monitors Corp.
7098 Miratech Drive, Suite 130
San Diego, CA 92121
(877) 838-8367
(858) 536-8257
AMC sells the Dornier Diode and Holmium Lasers, the Tele-View brand of Video Otoscopes and Endoscopes and the Vet-Temp brand of thermometers.  The Diode Lasers are excellent for vascularized tissue surgery and the Holmium lasers easily fragment bladder stones.  The Equine Exercise Endoscopes are low cost dynamic overground scopes.   The Portable Endoscopes weigh only six pounds and are easily transported.  The Video Otoscopes are the only video otoscopes designed for the veterinary market and the Vet-Temp thermometers are the best-selling brand of veterinary thermometers.

Booth #: 718
11-13 Rue Des Aulnes
Limonest, 69760
"Alvedia is specialized in the veterinary diagnostics field, providing the unique Quick Test & Lab Test Chromatography Technology for canine & feline BLOOD TYPING / CROSSMATCHING / DIRECT ANTIGLOBULIN TEST. Our products are known as easy to use, easy to interpret and reliable"

Booth #: 100
Andersen Products, Inc.
3202 Caroline Drive
Haw River, NC 27258
(336) 376-3000
(336) 376-8153
Andersen Products redefines 100% ethylene oxide sterilization using under 20cc’s of EtO per cycle. Our Anprolene line of table-top sterilizers help many practices save thousands annually by eliminating the instrument costs caused by sterilization damage from heat, pressure, and moisture.

Booth #: 406
Animal Blood Resources International
P O Box 1118
Dixon, CA 95620
800 243 5759
707 678 7357
Animal Blood Resources International is the leader providing state of the art transfusion and blood banking products. We offer cutting-edge blood products, supplies, testing and laboratory services. No matter what animal blood product or component you need, with ABRI, now you’re prepared !

Booth #: 12
Animal Critical Care & Emergency Services
11536 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA 98125
(206) 364-1660

Booth #: 13
Animal Emergency Medical Center
3511 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite A
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 325-3000

Booth #: 401
Animal Health International
822 7th St, Suite 630
Greeley, CO 80631
(970) 347-3447
(970) 347-3947
Animal Health International, Inc. has been the premier animal health company in North America for over 40 years. Animal Health International represents over 1,000 manufacturers, with products ranging from vaccines and pharmaceuticals to state of the art equipment and software. For more information please contact us at www.animalhealthinternational.com.

Booth #: 18
Animal Specialty and Emergency Center
1535 S Sepulveda Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 473-1561

Booth #: 605
Antech Diagnostics, Sound-Eklin, VCA Animal Hospitals
6359 Paseo Del Lago
Carlsbad, CA 92011
(760) 918-9626
3 descriptions, see datafiles

Booth #: 308
ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center
1717 S. Philo Road, Suite 36
Urbana, IL 61802
217 337 9753
217 337 0599
The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, a non-profit organization established in 1978, is the best resource for any animal poison-related emergency.  Our staff including 24 veterinarians, 11 who are board certified in general & veterinary toxicology, are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Booth #: TT-2
6335 Camp Bullis Road, Suite 12
San Antonio, TX 78257
519 821 0990
The Academy of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Technicians (AVECCT) is not a course or a school, but a certifying body governed by the National Assoc. of Vet. Technicians of America (NAVTA). AVECCT objectives are to promote advancement and high standards of practice for those individuals involved in veterinary emergency and critical nursing. AVECCT Please stop by our booth for additional information

Booth #: 3
4224 Northern Pike
Monroeville, PA 15146
(412) 373-4200

Booth #: Foyer 9
P O Box 1629
Chicago, IL 60690-9850
(800) 228-7548
(888) 754-8329
The AVMA PLIT-sponsored Program was developed specifically to meet the unique insurance needs of veterinarians and veterinary practices. The PLIT offers competitive workers’ compensation rates and business insurance coverages as well as safety and loss control resources. Stop by our booth to meet with Program representatives who will be available to respond to your questions, comments, or suggestions. Ask about our veterinary safety manual and pick-up free safety posters.

Booth #: 413
Bayer HealthCare
PO Box 390
Shawnee, KS 66201
(913) 268-2491
(913) 268-2055
Maker of Seresto®, Advantage Multi® (imidacloprid + moxidectin) Topical Solution, Advantage®II, K9 Advantix®II, Drontal® (praziquantel/pyrantel pamoate), Drontal ® Plus (praziquantel/pyrantel pamoate/febantel), Profender® (emodepside/praziquantel), Veraflox® (pradofloxacin), Baytril® (enrofloxacin) & the entire DVM Product line. (800) 255-6517, www.BayerDVM.com

Booth #: 516
Bioniche Animal Health USA, Inc.
1551 Jennings Mill Rd., Suite 3200A
Bogart, GA 30622
(706) 549-4503
(706) 548-0659
Bioniche Animal Health, a global animal health care company, providing quality products to veterinarians involved in equine, bovine, and small animal practice.  Please visit booth #516 to learn more about our featured products, including Celox Veterinary gauze and granules which stop arterial and venous bleeding fast.

Booth #: Foyer 6
BioVeteria Life Sciences, LLC
1042 Willow Creek Rd, A101-482
Prescott, AZ 86301
(928) 776-1813
(480) 240-1335
BioVeteria Life Sciences, LLC is a privately-held veterinary company focused on developing veterinary antivenoms. www.BioVeteria.com info@bioveteria.com

Booth #: 21
Blackwell & King Veterinary Change Consultants
106 N Lena Street, Suite 1
Dothan, AL 36305
(334) 699-5002

Booth #: 120
2700 Freeway Blvd #800
Minneapolis, MN 55430
(952) 992-0656
(763) 571-1035
Please visit us at booth #120 for your free sample. Bleed-X is: Faster, safer, easier, and more reliable than sponges, cubes ,or gauze. Superior efficacy with plant based MPH technology. Use anywhere-internally for any surgery or topically. (*please avoid use in the eye) - Maximize your practices efficiency. Resorbs safely and advances the healing process.

Booth #: 517
Boehringer Ingelheim VetMedica, Inc.
2621 North Belt Hwy
St. Joseph, MO 64506
(816) 236-2796
(816) 676-4678
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. is dedicated to developing and manufacturing safe and effective products for the veterinary industry.  Our portfolio includes Metacam®, Vetmedin®, and ProZinc™, as well as the Duramune®, Fel-O-Vax®, Fel-O-Guard® and new ULTRA™ Duramune® lines of vaccines.  Since it was founded in 1885, the family-owned company has been committed to researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing novel products of high therapeutic value for human and veterinary medicine.

Booth #: Foyer 2
13940 W Meeker Blvd, Suite 115-422
Sun City West, AZ 85375
(480) 782-1118
(480) 782-1221
For 20+ years, BUNIQUE has offered beautiful custom crystallized apparel and accessories at major dog shows across the U.S. and the world. Intricate and realistic likenesses of any breed, including YOUR OWN dog, are handcrafted onto shirts, jackets, purses, and more using the finest sparkling crystals. Our creations are spotted on dog fanciers, show dog owners, judges, breeders, and even celebrities. Preview our items at www.bunique.com. Hope to see you at our booth at VECCS!

Booth #: TT-2
California Registered Veterinary Technicians
1017 L Street, #389
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 244-2494
(510) 559-8177

Booth #: 200
CapsuleNet/Health Resource Services
1100 Olive Way, Suite 1020
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 515-5204
(801) 478-5762
www.amerinet-hrs.com, www.capsulenet.com

Booth #: 409
2995 Red Hill Ave., Suite 100
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 434-4504
(877) 917-8471
Accept CareCredit’s healthcare credit card and help clients accept your care recommendations for their pets without delay. Visit Booth #409 and get started with our Special 25th Anniversary one-time set-up fee of $25, only during IVECCS 2013. Already accept CareCredit? Did you know you have a dedicated Practice Development Team? Come by to address any CareCredit questions you may have.

Booth #: TT-3
Christian Veterinary Mission
19303 Fremont Avenue N
Seattle, WA 98133
(206) 289-7811
(206) 546-7458
Christian Veterinary Mission is a fellowship of Christian veterinarians, veterinary students, technicians and those of allied interest who are committed to living their faith out through their profession. CVM staff and volunteers serve in developing countries around the world through holistic sustainable development as well as here in the United States through student and workplace ministry.

Booth #: 7
Circle City Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital, LLC
9650 Mayflower Park Drive
Carmel, IN 46032
(317) 872-8387

Booth #: 15
Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital
300 W. Drake
Fort Collins, CO 80523
(970) 297-5000

Booth #: 521
Companion Therapy Laser by LiteCure
250 Corporate Blvd, Suite B
Newark, DE 19702
(302) 709-0408
(302) 709-0409
Companion® Therapy Laser is a therapeutic laser manufacturer of Companion®, and Pegasus® Class IV Deep Tissue Therapy Lasers. Companion, a division of LiteCure, provides expertise in design, manufacturing, production, and support. Companion provides highly reliable products, as well as resources and tools to successfully incorporate laser technology into your practice. LiteCure is ISO13485 certified and continues its commitment to science, education, and the highest level of customer service.

Booth #: 224
15 Hampshire St.
Mansfield, MA 2048
(508) 261-8000
(508) 261-6077
At Covidien Animal Health, we're passionate about making animal health care professionals as effective as they can be. Through ongoing collaboration with medical professionals and organizations, we identify clinical needs and translate them into proven products and procedures. Over the years, we've pioneered a number of medical advances including the first veterinary specific needle, electro surgery, surgical stapling and laparoscopic instrumentation.

Booth #: 19
Crossroads Animal Emergency
11057 Rosecrans Ave
Norwalk, CA 90650
(562) 863-2522

Booth #: Foyer 5
1022 eWall Street
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
(888) 248-2838
The CryoProbe is an innovative, efficient and portable cryosurgical device which treats skin lesions with pinpoint accuracy and with extreme control over the procedure. No anesthesia, little to no pre-operative skin preparation or post-operative care is needed.  The CryoProbe easily adapts to every lesion regardless shape or size. 

Booth #: 311
3760 Rockey Mt. Ave
Loveland, CO 85058
(888) 888-8888

Booth #: Foyer 11
Dan Scott & Associates, Inc.
5188 Hoovergate Dr.
Westerville, OH 43082
614 946 1664
614 818 9330
We market and distribute equipment with a special focus on Ophthalmic Telemedicine and Tonometry, Blood Pressure Screening and Critical Care Monitoring, and Vascular Access Devices.  Stop by our booth to see the new EPOC Blood Gas Analyzer, Mythic Vet 18 Hematology Analyzer, and the Ismart 30 Electrolyte Analyzer!

Booth #: 318
Diamondback Drugs
7631 E. Indian School Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(480) 946-2223
(480) 946-2235
"Diamondback Drugs specializes in custom compounding. We can provide products that have been discontinued or backordered by manufacturers as well as formulations containing exact doses of active ingredients. It is said that work, well done, is art.  At Diamondback Drugs, we are continually striving to perfect the art and science of pharmaceutical compounding."

Booth #: 306
Digicare Animal Health
107 Commerce Road
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
561 689 0408
561 689 0021
Digicare Animal Health provides Veterinary Specific Vital Sign Monitors, Telemetry, and Infusion Systems.  The LifeWindow Series offer a network ready multi-parameter solution for monitoring patients during emergencies, critical care and hospitalization; configurable and upgradable at any time.  Additional products include: VetVitalNet Central Station (up to 16 patients), CentralVue Telemetry System (up to 9 patients), DigiPump Series, and handheld monitors.

Booth #: 400
DMS Laboratories, Inc.
2 Darts Mill Road
Flemington, NJ 08822
(908) 782-3353
(908) 782-0832
Simple to use, quick to run and easy to interpret, RapidVet(R) canine and feline hematology products provide veterinarians with reliable, rapid test results.  Advanced technology blood typing products, including lateral flow immuno-chromatographic test and a new one tube gel test, are offered in addition to RapidVet(R)-H agglutination-based typing cards and rapid major and minor transfusion crossmatch kits.

Booth #: 314
DRE Veterinary
1800 Williamson Court
Louisville, KY 40223
(877) 321-8188
(502) 882-7402
DRE Veterinary is your source for new and professionally refurbished medical equipment. We offer full lines of veterinary specific equipment that include: Anesthesia Machines (including rodent and MRI-compatible), Vital Signs Monitors, Tables, Lighting and much more.  DRE also offers calibration services and biomedical field services programs, performance verification, and parts.

Booth #: Foyer 1
DVM Solutions
16201 San Pedro Ave., Suite 200
San Antonio, TX 78232
(866) 373-9627
(210) 499-4665

Booth #: 17
East Lake Veterinary Hospital
10101 E Northwest Highway
Dallas, TX 75238
(214) 342-3100

Booth #: 615
2500 Innovation Way
Greenfield, IN 46140
(317) 294-6948
(317) 651-1560
Striving to fill the unmet needs in the veterinary industry, Elanco Companion Animal Health offers some of the latest in product innovations to support the vital role of veterinarians. Elanco’s best-in-class products enable veterinarians to help pets live longer, healthier, higher-quality lives by providing solutions to the challenges you face on a daily basis. To learn more about Elanco’s support of the veterinary profession, visit elancovet.com or call 1 (888) 545-5973.

Booth #: 216
Ellman International
3333 Royal Avenue
Oceanside, NY 11572
(516) 448-4936
(516) 279-4483
Ellman International Inc. presents the patented high frequency/low temperature 4.0 MHz Surgitron Dual Frequency™ 120 to the veterinary community, which enhances all surgical procedures including ophthalmic, dental/soft palate,and all minimally invasive soft tissue applications for avian and exotic surgeries. Radiowave energy is emitted at 4.0 MHz. Tissue interaction is specific and delicate enabling reduced blood loss, healing without edema and a rapid recovery

Booth #: 317
Elsevier, Inc.
1600 JFK Blvd., Suite #1800
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 239-3491
(215) 239-3494
ELSEVIER is a leading publisher of health science publications, advancing medicine by delivering superior reference information and decision support tools to doctors, nurses, health practitioners and students. With an extensive media spectrum — print, online and handheld, we are able to supply the information you need in the most convenient format. 

Booth #: 8
Emergency Animal Clinic
2260 W. Glendale Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85021
(602) 995-3757

Booth #: 703
Equipment Outreach, Inc.
42075 Remington Ave., Suite 101
Temecula, CA 92590
(951) 506-8900
(951) 506-8995
Equipment Outreach, Inc. is a full service company for today’s GP and veterinary specialists. Our customized services are based on your needs, covering start-ups, renovations, complete hospital packages, and equipment upgrades. We offer top quality new and reconditioned medical equipment, supplies for your everyday business, and equipment repairs and maintenance.  With over 25 years in the industry, we understand what you need to practice quality medicine in today’s environment. 

Booth #: TT-4
Rua Marques de Pombal, n 71, 3 Dto
2735-315 , Cacem

Our Society members primarily consist of veterinarians, veterinary nurses and managers working in emergency services or intensive care units but we welcome anybody who has an interest in veterinary emergency and critical care. A “members-only” section on the website offers several options to help our members to perform and improve their clinical work, like a forum and a growing guidelines and standards section. The website also has a public access section for non-members such as pet owners and veterinarians interested in veterinary emergency and critical care.

Booth #: 11
Far Country Animal Hospital
2701 North Liahon Drive
Palmer, AK 99645
(907) 746-7297

Booth #: 106
First Veterinary Supply
31778 Enterprise Drive
Livonia, MI 48150
(800) 998-4661
(734) 743-7314
First Veterinary Supply is a national distributor of quality, FDA-approved veterinary pharmaceuticals, biological, diagnostic and medical supplies for licensed companion animal and specialty veterinary practices. With more than 8,000 products from leading manufacturers and the largest selection of human crossover pharmaceuticals available, we can provide you with the cost-effective veterinary products you need to better serve your customers and grow your practice. Contact us at 800-998-4661 or www.firstveterinarysupply.com.

Booth #: 321
General Econopak, Inc.
1725 North Sixth Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
(888) 871-8568
(215) 763-8200
General Econopak, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of disposable, sterile draping and gowning systems designed specifically for veterinary surgery.  All products are made of the finest nonwoven materials and are manufactured and packaged to strict product specifications. GEPCO has been an innovator in the development of products small enough for pocket pet surgery and large enough for equine laparatomy and arthroscopy procedures.  Choose from a wide variety of gown and procedure packs; or let GEPCO design a pack, drape or gown to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Booth #: 625
2417 Jericho Turnpike #333
Garden City Park, NY 11040
(516) 358-2180
(516) 358-2182
GerMedUSA offers a wide selection of Veterinary Surgical Instruments including, Tungsten Carbide Insert Needle Holders & Scissors, Soft Tissue Surgery Instruments, Small & Large Animal Dental, Emasculators/Castrators, and Hoof Care. We proudly announce the addition of our Complete Line of TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement), TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) and our Laschal NDS Needle Holder along with our NeoGrip Quick Release Needle Holder and Suture Scissors Forceps.

Booth #: 215
Grady Medical Systems
P O Box 2396
Temecula, CA 92593
(800) 800-2585
(800) 800-2585
Grady Medical Systems offers a variety veterinary specific medical equipment. Established in 1987, we offer THERAPY LASERS, DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND, MULTIPARAMETER MONITORS, INFUSION PUMPS, SYRINGE PUMPS, FLUID WARMING DEVICES, and more. We take pride in offering our customers excellent service and include a free training package with any equipment purchase, which will allow you to get off to a quick start with your new medical device.  -----Free 21 day trial on cold laser and diagnostic ultrasound!

Booth #: Foyer 13
Hallowell EMC
63 Eagle Street
Pittsfield, MA 1201
413 358 3359
413 496 9254
Ventilatory support for animals of all sizes.  The MicroVent1 – mice, rats, pocket pets, small avian.  The Anesthesia WorkStation (AWS) – rats, pocket pets, rabbits, cats, small dogs (200ml TV limit). Our Model 2002 – with 3 interchangeable tops, rabbits and ferrets, all dogs and cats to sheep and foals.  Tafonius and Tafonius Junior – large dogs on up to horses 100 lbs to 2000 lbs.  like no other large animal machine you have seen!  Stop by and see it.

Booth #: 514
3775 Airport Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
719 380 1900
719 591 8933
HemoSolutions is an animal blood bank dedicated to providing quality blood products for the veterinary profession. HemoSolutions can meet all your canine and feline transfusion needs, including blood products, blood typing, new crossmatching technology and transfusion administration supplies. Stop by the booth and ask how we can help you with your transfusion patients.

Booth #: 311
Heska Corporation
3760 Rocky Mountain Ave.
Loveland, CO 80538
(970) 619-3059
(970) 619-3130
Heska Corporation develops, manufactures and markets veterinary products. Heska’s core focus is on the canine and feline companion animal markets. Heska’s state-of-the-art offerings to veterinarians include diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, vaccines as well as diagnostic and monitoring instruments, digital radiology and ultrasound. For further information on Heska Corporation, visit the company’s website at www.heska.com

Booth #: 504
Hill's Pet Nutrition
P.O. Box 148
Topeka, KS 66601
(785) 368-5481
(785) 368-5263
For more than 60 years, Hill’s® has provided the most technologically advanced therapeutic and wellness foods to veterinary professionals.  Hill’s® Prescription Diet® brand is a complete line of therapeutic pet foods formulated to nutritionally manage pets with various disease conditions.  Hill’s® Science Diet® products are specially formulated to provide advanced nutrition for a wide range of lifestage and special wellness needs.  

Booth #: 310
Hitachi Aloka Medical
10 Fairfield Blvd.
Wallingford, CT 6492
(800) 872-5652
(203) 269-6075
Hitachi Aloka Medical offers compact, portable and powerful systems designed for every veterinary application. Our high-performance and user friendly ultrasound systems are renowned for reliability and are manufactured to the highest industry standards.  Known for our unparalleled image quality, superior system reliability, and incredible penetration, you’ll make diagnoses quickly and with confidence with Hitachi Aloka Medical.

Booth #: Foyer 12
Horizon Veterinary Services
4706 New Horizons Blvd.
Appleton, WI 54914
(920) 450-7903
(920) 831-4113
Horizon Veterinary Services, Inc. develops emergency/critical care/specialty hospitals and the policies, protocols and personnel that make them successful. With a focus on integrity, experience, excellence, stability and growth, we build hospitals, manage practices, and cultivate a culture of personal and professional excellence. Horizon Veterinary Services is a team of professionals with more than 100 years of experience in veterinary referral practice management.  We are specialists, emergency doctors, technicians and managers. We don’t just talk about excellence in practice — we do it!

Booth #: 117
Hot Dog Patient Warming
6581 City West Pkwy
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
(952) 465-3500
(952) 465-3501
Patient warming breakthrough featuring patented ThermAssure® conductive fabric.  It’s safe, effective, durable, and reusable. Clinically proven to be more effective than forced-air and warm water, without the issues associated with those warming methods. No hot air…no water…just safe, even warmth. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Booth #: 716
HSB Veterinary Supply, Inc.
23 F Industrial Blvd
Medford, NY 11763
(631) 924-9124
(631) 924-9490
HSB Veterinary Supply, Inc, established in 1990, family owned and an active member of the American Veterinary Distributors Association. HSB prides itself on providing outstanding service with a personal touch. Our sales consultants have extensive knowledge, with veterinary backgrounds, to assist out clientele with practical product information and guidance. We are: "Large Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care".

Booth #: 419
Hyperbaric Veterinary Medicine
6400 Congress Avenue, Suite 2200
Boca Raton, FL 33487
(561) 988-0880
(561) 988-7087
Partnering with veterinarian hospitals by providing companion animal hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers in order to bring this adjunctive  treatment modality to their patients for treating conditions related to disc disease, musculoskeletal injury, trauma, internal medicine, post-surgical healing, wound healing and more.

Booth #: 505
One Idexx Drive
Westbrook, ME 4092
207 556 4833
207 556 4833
So you can focus on productivity and quality of care at every touch point of your day, we focus on innovative products and services that create efficiencies and ensure dependability and accuracy. We’re here to help you deliver real-time care during your patients’ visits, increase client satisfaction and compliance and grow a healthier, more profitable practice. From SNAP® pet-side diagnostic tests, IDEXX VetLab® diagnostic instruments and advanced reference laboratory and consulting services to digital radiography systems, information integration solutions, dependable service and support and education—we have the tools you need to reach your practice’s potential.

Booth #: TT-5
IVAPM, Int'l Veterinary Academy of Pain Mgmt
618 Church Street, Suite 220
Nashville, TN 37219
615 522 5254
615 254 7047
IVAPM is a unique organization dedicated to promoting, enhancing and advancing pain management in animals.  IVAPM provides its members with information on modern developments in pain management, communication forums, continuing education, and certification.

Booth #: 201
Jorgensen Laboratories
1450 N Van Buren Ave.
Loveland, CO 80538
(970) 669-2500
(970) 663-5042
Jorgensen Laboratories is known for high quality veterinary surgical suture, instruments and equipment.  See the Jorvet range of capital equipment including electrosurge units, the Vet Cam video otoscope, the Tonovet, centrifuges, microscopes, anesthesia machines, monitoring devices and the latest in laser therapy.

Booth #: 104
Karen & Co, LLC
HC 75 Box 1032
Los Ojos, NM 87551
505 793 7489
In addition to great jewelry (Vet & Vet Tech pendants; new paw print rings; animal fetish necklaces and a great selection of alternative metals) we also are the authors and creators of Ultrasound for the Veterinary Practitioner self-study DVDs.  Check out our FAST EXAM!

Booth #: Foyer 4
Karl Storz Veterinary Endoscopy
175 Cremona Drive
Goleta, CA 93117
800 955-7832
805 685 2588
KARL STORZ offers a wide range of rigid and flexible endoscopes, instruments and imaging systems for animals of all sizes. Eliminating the need for multiple systems, our high quality rigid and flexible scopes use the same video processor and light source. KARL STORZ veterinary products, customer service and hands-on training seminars are the best available.

Booth #: 712
KCI Animal Health
12930 IH10 West
San Antonio, TX 78249
(877) 524-4838
(210) 255-6319
Since its introduction, V.A.C.® Therapy has changed the way wounds are healed. V.A.C.® Therapy promotes wound healing through Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT). By delivering negative pressure (a vacuum) at the wound site through a patented dressing, the wound edges are drawn together, infectious materials are removed and granulation tissue is promoted at the cellular level. The Vacuum Assisted Closure® (V.A.C.®) Therapy System can help heal most wound types.

Booth #: Foyer 16
Kruuse A/S
Havretoften 4
Langeskov, 5550
(454) 080-4503
(457) 214-1600
Oralade is a ready to use, highly palatable isotonic formula with essential amino acids, it provides both Oral Rehydration (ORS) and Micro Nutritional support (MNS) for dogs and cats. Oralade is fast to absorb, easy to digest and both low in fat and protein. It gets to work fast on restoring lost fluids and electrolytes for effective hydration. Oralade delivers small amount of elemental amino acids, electrolytes and sugars easily digestible directly to the cells lining the GI tract, in a form that they can directly absorb.

Booth #: 418
Lafeber Company
24981 N 1400 East Rd.
Cornell, IL 61319
(815) 358-2301
(815) 358-2352
Lafeber Company manufactures Emeraid Nutritional Care Systems designed especially for acutely ill exotics and wildlife to provide life-saving elemental nutrition.  These products include Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore and Piscivore.  We offer a full line of veterinary and consumer premium companion bird diets including new Senior Bird Nutriberries, for older birds including herbs, supplements and rich in antioxidants.  All products made in the USA.  Two Generations of Veterinarians Caring and Working for the Health of Animals.

Booth #: 319
Live Oak Bank
2605 Iron Gate Drive, Suite 100
Wilmington, NC 28412
910 796 1676
910 790 5868
Live Oak Bank provides the highest level of responsiveness to the financing needs of the veterinary industry including: practice acquisitions, expansion projects, ground-up construction and real estate. The lending team has a combined 50+ years of experience in providing innovative and cost-effective financing for veterinarians. Live Oak Bank believes that we will be able to provide you with an accurate and comprehensive proposal for your financing needs. Visit us at www.liveoakbank.com/veterinary

Booth #: 225
Lyon Technologies, Inc.
1690 Brandywine Ave
Chula Vista, CA 91911
(619) 216-3400
(619) 216-3434
Lyon Technologies is a leader in the design and manufacture of animal health care equipment including intensive and critical care units, incubation, anesthesia and oxygen therapy; providing solutions to customers in over 100 countries since 1915.

Booth #: 325
MAI Animal Health
P O Box 39
Spring Valley, WI 54767
(715) 778-5822
(715) 778-4704
MAI Animal Health represents multiple manufacturers and brands servicing the Animal Health Industry.  We provide quality and innovative products for Veterinarians and Producers marketed through standard distribution and dealer channels in the U.S. and around the world.

Booth #: 714
Mallard Medical
20272 Skypark Drive
Redding, CA 96002
(530) 605-2522
Mallard Medical is now a division of AB Medical Technologies, Inc.  AB Medical provides ongoing manufacturing, sales, service and  design for Mallard’s products, providing quality large and small animal Anesthesia Ventilator systems to the veterinary market. Bob Pearson, the founder of Mallard Medical, has carefully chosen AB Medical as a worthy and trusted company to continue the Mallard tradition of providing excellent Mallard Medical products and support to its new and existing customers. Bob remains active as a consultant to ensure a smooth transition and uninterrupted service for our valuable customers.

Booth #: 119
40 Parker
Irvine, CA 92618
(949) 297-7000
A key medical technology innovator, Masimo is responsible for the invention of award-winning noninvasive technologies, medical devices, and a wide array of sensors that are revolutionizing patient monitoring in various care settings.

Booth #: Foyer 14
23811 Washington Ave, Suite C110-384
Murrieta, CA 92562
877 842 8328
951 257 8772
New and Refurbished Medical Equipment Sales, Service and Repair. Specializing in IV pumps, Syringe Pumps, ECG monitors, SPO2 monitors, NIBP monitors, CO2 Monitors, Defibrillators, Telemetry, Patient Warming Systems and Sterilizers. We calibrate and repair all equipment we sell and many other brands as well.

Booth #: Foyer 20
Medical Illumination Int'l
547 Library St.
San Fernando, CA 91340
(818) 838-3025
(818) 838-3675
The leader in veterinary lighting, featuring the state-of-the-art MI LED & SYSTEM TWO LED series’ of surgery, exam and specialty lights. Stop by for a viewing of these fabulous new models which represent the pinnacle of efficiency, output, and user-friendly features. Medical Illumination…..”Where Illumination Goes GREEN”!

Booth #: Foyer 8
Medical Specialties Distributors
1549 Hunter Road
Hanover Park, IL 60133
630 307 6200
630 307 9420
Medical Specialties Distributors: A leading supplier of healthcare products and biomedical equipment sales and rentals with service to the veterinary, home infusion, specialty pharmacy and oncology markets.  MSD provides a Total Enterprise Solution with services ranging from equipment asset management, online ordering, biomedical services (preventative maintenance & repairs) and national product distribution.   www.msdonline.com

Booth #: 108
Meds for Vets Pharmacy
585 W. 9400 South #100
Sandy, UT 84094
(801) 255-7666
(801) 255-7690
Meds for Vets is a compounding pharmacy serving the veterinary profession exclusively. Looking for a backordered or discontinued product? A dosage form or flavor not otherwise available? From flavored suspensions, chewable treats, capsules and transdermal gels to sterile eye drops, ointments and injectables, we have the products you are looking for. Let us compound them for you in easy to give forms and flavors to keep your clients and their pets coming back.

Booth #: 205
3239 Satellite Blvd.
Duluth, 30096
(678) 638-3810
(678) 638-3840
Merial is a world-leading, innovation driven animal health company, providing a comprehensive range of products to enhance the health, wellbeing and performance of a wide range of animals. Merial employs approximately 5,600 people and operates in more than 150 countries worldwide. Merial is a Sanofi company. For more information, please see www.merial.com.

Booth #: 404
Midmark Corporation
60 Vista Drive
Versailles, OH 45380
(937) 526-8244
(937) 526-8289
Midmark Corporation provides efficient, high-value equipment for the veterinary clinic combined with outstanding customer service and support. We will be your number one choice for dental machines (VetPro) and imaging systems (Progeny VetVision), monitors (Cardell), casework and more. Catalogs will be available or call 1-800-MIDMARK or go to www.midmark.com.

Booth #: 218
Midwest Veterinary Supply
21467 Holyoke Ave
Lakeville, MN 55044
952 567 6247
952 567 6282
Midwest Veterinary Supply is a family/employee owned, full-line distributor. We proudly represent major manufacturers in the Veterinary industry. Established in 1961, MVS has 6 branch locations in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Texas providing next day delivery. Our broad range of services include: biologicals, pharmaceuticals, equipment, instruments, practice support, in-clinic training, and much more. Stop by our booth and find out what we can start doing for you.

Booth #: 511
MILA International, Inc.
12 Price Avenue
Erlanger, KY 41018
859 957 1722
859 957 1727
MILA is known as the gold standard for venous access catheters. Products include venous access catheters, enteral feeding products, urinary catheters, diffusion/wound catheter and much more. New products include Echo-tipped Spinal Needles, Silicone Chest Drainage Catheter with Trocar and improved Tomcat Urinary Catheter with Flushing Stylet for unblocking.

Booth #: 509
MWI Veterinary Supply
3041 W Pasadena Drive
Boise, ID 83705
(208) 955-9498
(208) 955-8922
MWI Veterinary Supply/AAHA MARKETLink has partnered with all major pharmaceutical, diet, and equipment manufacturers to bring you a selection of more than 30,000 products serving the livestock, small animal, and equine veterinarian. We are ready to take your order at 800-824-3703 or online at www.mwivet.com or www.aahamarketlink.com to learn more.

Booth #: 304
Nestle Purina Pet Care
Checkerboard Square, 12T
St. Louis, MO 63164
(314) 982-2697
(314) 982-4274
Nestlé Purina is a leader in the field of canine & feline nutrition, helping you make a daily impact on your patients’ quality of life.  Stop by our exhibit to learn more about our patented therapeutic Purina Veterinary Diets ™ formulas and our nutritional supplement, FortiFlora™.  Find out how Nestlé Purina research breakthroughs can help you more effectively manage obesity, diabetes mellitus, joint mobility and gastrointestinal tract conditions.  Receive dietary information on our therapeutic and wellness products and information for the 2013 Nestlé Purina Symposium.  For further information on Nestlé Purina, visit us online at http://www.purinaveterinarydiets.com or 1-800-222-VETS.

Booth #: 709
Nova Biomedical
200 Prospect Street
Waltham, MA 2454
(781) 647-3700
(781) 894-5915
Nova manufactures Stat Profile® pHOx and pHOx® Ultra blood gas/critical care analyzers providing a comprehensive menu of blood gases, electrolytes, chemistry, and hematology for veterinary emergency or critical care testing. Stat Profile® pHOx Ultra features simple one-button operation, is self-calibrating, provides results in 2 minutes or less, and requires just 2-3 drops of whole blood. Measured tests, include pH, PO2, PCO2, SO2%, hematocrit, hemoglobin, sodium, potassium, chloride, ionized calcium, ionized magnesium, glucose, lactate, BUN, creatinine, bilirubin, and co-oximetry, in a compact instrument.

Booth #: 405
Novartis Animal Health US, Inc.
3200 Northline Ave, Suite 300
Greensboro, NC 27408
(336) 387-1112
(336) 387-1407
Novartis Animal Health US, Inc. is a leader in developing new and better ways to prevent and treat diseases for pets and farm animals.  Our pet products effectively aid in preventing internal and external parasites. They also treat ailments such as arthritic pain and kidney, heart and allergic diseases.  For farm animals, we offer therapeutic products to treat parasitic and bacterial diseases. We are consistently developing new vaccines to prevent diseases in livestock and farmed fish.

Booth #: Foyer 19
Ogena Solutions
442 Millen Road, Unit 6
Stoney Creek, ON L8E 6H2
(905) 664-2125
(905) 664-2511
Ogena Solutions provides effective environmentally friendly biosecurity products, equipment and protocols in the Animal Health Sector. Ogena Solutions leverages the strengths of AHP (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) by providing cleaning and disinfection chemicals and equipment for Veterinary, Food Animal and General Farm Applications.

Booth #: 219
Olympic Veterinary
9311 SE 36th Street, Suite 220
Mercer Island, WA 98040
(206) 722-3777
(206) 905-0839
Manufacturer of the Olympic Dental Table, the Olympic Versa-Lift and the Olympic Ultra-Lite Transport. The Olympic Dental Table is designed specifically for dental procedures, providing complete adjustability to improve patient presentation and operator comfort. The Versa-Lift, featuring interchangeable tops, is a 3-in-one electric lift that converts quickly from a treatment table to a transport gurney to a low-boy electric lift. Using the same conversion system, Olympic Ultra-Lite carts are dual-purpose gurneys and treatment tables.

Booth #: 301
Patterson Veterinary
1031 Mendota Heights Road
Saint Paul, MN 55120
(651) 686-4156
For more than 65 years, Patterson Veterinary has helped small animal, equine and mixed animal practices succeed with the best products, consistently outstanding customer service and industry-leading equipment and supplies. In addition to the things you expect – local representatives, hundreds of products, 24/7 online ordering, fast delivery, an extensive product catalog and attendance at industry shows and conferences – we offer an array of value added business solutions and signature programs that you wouldn’t expect. Please visit our booth to learn how Patterson Veterinary can strengthen and enhance your practice and patient health.

Booth #: 624
2146 Chapman Road
Chattanooga, TN 37421
(423) 855-8311
(423) 424-0326
An alternative to traditional veterinary financing for pet owners that allows a doctor to assess credit risk and offer payment plans without creating additional work for the office staff.  PaymentBanc completely manages your payments using electronic payment drafting and only charges a low, per-account rate - NOT a percentage of the treatment fee!

Booth #: 619
Pet Health Pharmacy
12012 N 111th Ave
Youngtown, AZ 85363
(800) 742-0516
(866) 373-0030
Pet Health Pharmacy makes caring for pets easy!  Our compounded medications are available in a variety of dosage forms, and our service is second to none.  We use only quality ingredients supplied from reputable sources, and every prescription is inspected multiple times by our skilled staff prior to shipping.  Pet Health Pharmacy: Custom Compounding with Our Personal Touch.

Booth #: 207
Pet Poison Helpline
3600 American Blvd West, #725
Bloomington, MN 55431
(952) 814-2939
(952) 852-4601
PPH is a 24-hour service available throughout North America for pet owners and veterinary professionals who require assistance with treating a potentially poisoned pet. PPH is staffed with board-certified veterinary toxicologists, critical and internal medicine specialists, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, clinical toxicologists, and pharmacologists. A $39/case fee encompasses medical advice and management for the duration of the case.

Booth #: 111
PetRays Telemedicine
2024 Rayford Road
Spring, TX 77386
281 703 8000
PetRays offers specialty consults by Board Certified Veterinary Radiologists, Cardiologists, and various Internal Medicine Specialists. Our Board Certified Radiologists are available 24/7/365 to interpret X-ray, Ultrasound, CT and MRI exams. PetRays is an efficient, trusted resource enabling important lifesaving clinical decisions 24/7/365. PetRays guarantees STAT radiology reports delivered in 30-minutes or less, and routine radiology reports within 3-hours or less.

Booth #: 608
Plasvacc USA Inc.
1535 Templeton Rd.
Templeton, CA 93465
(805) 434-0321
(805) 434-3840
Plasvacc USA manufactures and sells canine and equine plasma with specific antibody content.  Caniplas® canine plasma has been proven as an effective adjunct treatment for canine parvoviral enteritas. Equiplas® J can be used in the treatment of endotoxemia in horses.  Stop by our booth to find out how we can help you and take advantage of our show special.

Booth #: 518
718 E. Hatcher, Suite B
Phoenix, AZ 85020
(602) 997-1497
(602) 997-1443
Stop by the PractiVet booth to see for yourself why leading universities and specialty centers prefer our IV Administration sets, which are designed by veterinary professionals for veterinary professionals. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality IV sets at an affordable price. Also available: the Smart-Y, the “smart” way to perform abdominal or thoracic centesis eliminating the risk & confusion involved with these tricky procedures. This product replaces “3 way stop cocks” & their inherent problems. Ask about our specials and other unique products.

Booth #: 720
Rauhaus Freedenfeld & Associates
97 Broadway
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 338-0050
(617) 426-2557
With offices on both the East and West coast, rfa has over 50 combined years of experience in animal care architecture.  rfa translates each client’s needs into effective, efficient and strikingly dramatic architecture.  Renowned for extraordinary design, rfa also understands a hospitals unique complexities and details.  Having won over 34 hospital design awards, rfa is an internationally recognized leader and innovator in this field.

Booth #: 2
Red Bank Veterinary Hospital
197 Hance Ave
Eatontown, NJ 07724
(732) 747-3636

Booth #: 5
Regional Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center
4250 Route 42
Blackwood, NJ 08012
(856) 728-1700

Booth #: 102
Renlor Medical
94 East Crogan St
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
(877) 431-4984
(678) 209-0175
Ren-Lor Stethoscopes are extremely durable, lightweight, and distinctive with over 100 colorful designs that can be customized to suit your personality.  The Ren-Lor Stethoscope offers exceptional sound quality through noise and thick layers that is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. We offer customization, personalization and jewel tone laser designs to represent your hospital, school or company logos.  Come by our booth to see our brand new hand-painted designs and meet the artist!

Booth #: Foyer 17
RICA Surgical Products, Inc.
9207 Ivanhoe Street
Schiller Park, IL 60176
952 985 0746
952 985 7735
RICA Surgical Products is your source for high quality surgical suite products. RICA represents the leading surgical instruments, time-saving devices and airway management product brands such as KMedic® Orthopedic, Pilling®, RICA® instruments, Weck® Hemoclips®, Visistat® skin staplers, Pleur-evac® Chest Drainage systems, Rusch and Hudson RCI products. See these quality products along with RICA's patented Thermal Controlled Pads/Incubators to effectively manage and prevent hypothermia. Fantastic special offers will reward your visit to our exhibit.

Booth #: Foyer 18
Rose Micro Solutions
4105 Seneca Street
Buffalo, NY 14224
(716) 608-0009
(716) 608-0006
Rose Micro Solutions sells High Quality Optical Loupes & LED Lights for Less! Our Loupes start at $279.00.We are a "Family" Business consisting of 4 Brothers.We named the company after our Mother "ROSE".www.rosemicrosolutions.com 716-608-0009

Booth #: 612
Royal Canin USA
500 Fountain Lakes Blvd, #100
Saint Charles, MO 63301
(800) 592-6687
(636) 229-0549
Science is constantly evolving, with pet knowledge progressing alongside.  This revolution guides the ROYAL CANIN innovation strategy -  to explore, to observe, to question and to share – enabling us to remain at the leading edge of nutritional progress.

Booth #: 20
San Francisco SPCA
201 Alabama Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 522-3553

Booth #: 320
scil animal care
151 N. Greenleaf Street
Gurnee, IL 60031
(847) 917-9827
(847) 223-3374
scil animal care company is a global organization dedicated to delivering the highest quality products to the animal healthcare professional.  At scil we offer a wide range of Hematology, Clinical Chemistry,  Digital Imaging, Ultrasound, Digital Dental, Orthopedic, and point of care testing products. Stop by to see how we can help better your practice.

Booth #: 616
Snyder Mfg. Co.
6228 S. Troy Circle
Centennial, CO 80111
303 706 9012
303 706 9015
Snyder Mfg. Co. manufactures laminate cage units and kennel runs. Our product line includes: Kennel Runs, Intensive Care Units, Cage Units, Cat Cottagesäwith Litter Pan Hidersä, Corner Cat Cottages, Drying Cages, Avian Treatment Cages, and Pet Display Units. Show Specials: 20% off Cages and Runs, 15% off Intensive Care Units, Avian Treatment Cages, and Pet Display Cages and 5% off Drying Cages.

Booth #: 6
Southern Arizona Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center
141 E Ft. Lowell Road
Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 888-3177

Booth #: 721
Southwest Medical Books/Manson
3473 Sitio Borde
Carlsbad, CA 92009
(760) 944-9906
(760) 944-9926
Southwest Medical Books brings you over 25 years experience in Veterinary Textbooks and the new titles from Manson Publishing. We sell at discount prices and offer free shipping and handling -- please stop by our booth to see the latest titles --

Booth #: 415
Suburban Surgical Company Inc.
275 12th Street
Wheeling, IL 60090
(847) 539-9320
(847) 537-9061
Suburban Surgical Company, Inc, an industrial manufacturing company that designs, engineers and fabricates stainless steel medical equipment specifically related to the care and housing of laboratory animals. Made in the USA with American materials and suppliers. 800-323-7366

Booth #: 16
Summit Veterinary Referral Center
2505 South 80th Street
Tacoma, WA 98409
(253) 983-1114

Booth #: 613
SurgiVet®-Smiths Medical
1265 Grey Fox Road
St. Paul, MN 55112
949 382 5936
651 628 7055
Smiths Medical offers a line of veterinary specific medical devices under the SurgiVet® brand. SurgiVet® is a globally recognized portfolio of products specific to the animal health industry including a comprehensive range of monitoring devices, anesthesia systems and quality critical care consumables for clinics, emergency referral facilities, specialty and research markets.

Booth #: Foyer 15
12157 W Linebaugh Ave.
Tampa, FL 33626
(813) 925-0203
(813) 855-7029
“CONTRAINDICATED FOR HUMAN USE” The only “Veterinary Specific” multi-parameter monitors on the market… uniquely designed to improve “Veterinary Patient” outcomes…. The first serious veterinary monitors truly designed for veterinary use - Proudly Manufactured, Designed and Serviced 100% in America… The overwhelming monitoring choice of Veterinary Schools and Critical Care facilities throughout the United States. Also demonstrating the famous Veterinary Specific PetMap® with an exciting new PetMap® automated monitor with SpO2. See us in the Foyer before entering the exhibit hall:

Booth #: 715
Teton New Media
120 E Broadway, Suite A
Jackson, WY 83001
(307) 732-0028
(307) 734-0841
Teton NewMedia is an animal science publisher that specializes in affordable, informative, concise clinical information for the veterinary practitioner and technician.  We are proud to be associated with a distinguished author-base to provide quality information in multiple formats including print, phone applications, ebooks, CD-ROMs, and PDAs.  One of our goals at Teton NewMedia is to provide veterinarians and students with books that can be used as a quick reference in the clinic.  We have two original series: Made Easy and Quick Look. 

Booth #: 122
TWC Veterinary Architecture and Construction
1550 Willmar Avenue, SE
Willmar, MN 56201
(320) 235-1664
TWC Architecture Construction provides Dentists a cost-effective, turnkey solution for any new construction, remodeling, or tenant improvement project, nationwide.  From site selection, design options, cost analysis and financing, through hiring subcontractors and construction, we offer peace of mind for your building needs.  We are your Source from Start to Finish.

Booth #: 416
Universal Imaging
299 Adams St.
Bedford Hills, NY 10507
(914) 666-6200
(914) 666-2454
Universal Imaging has been setting the standard for veterinary imaging for over 37 years. We offer the largest variety of ultrasound and digital radiography packages featuring all-digital technology, portability, connectivity, education and training. Visit our booth or website today.

Booth #: 417
Universal Medical Systems, Inc.
29500 Aurora Rd, Unit 16
Solon, OH 44139
440 349 3210
440 498 2188
Universal Medical Systems, Inc. (Ohio) is the only LICENSED AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR serving the veterinary market selling and leasing NEW CT and MRI scanners exclusively from four of the major manufacturers designed specifically to meet your needs. New or certified systems are available with a variety of financing and service options. Visit us today.

Booth #: 602
Universal Surgical Instruments
10 Valley Rd
Glen Cove, NY 11542
516 759 4536
516 674 2331
USI has supported the veterinary profession for over 30 years.  You don’t have to spend top dollar to get the highest quality surgical instruments.  We offer general and specialty instruments for your practice in several grades to meet your needs.  Don’t miss our full line of USI Hi Level Supercut Scissors available in bandage scissor style, stitch scissors and operating/surgical scissors.  Jorgensen products offered at a discount at the meeting.

Booth #: 4
VCA Specialty Animal Hospitals
12401 West Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 571-6599

Booth #: Foyer 3
VDI Laboratory
4685 Runway Streek, Suite K
Simi Valley, CA 93063
(805) 577-6742
(805) 426-8115
VDI Laboratory, a subsidiary of Veterinary Diagnostics Institute, is a specialty diagnostics company that provides veterinary reference laboratory services and in-house diagnostic products. VDI is dedicated to the research and development of innovative biomarkers to assist veterinarians in the diagnostic workup of companion animals. Our feature products include canine and feline integrated blood tests for cancer, infection, inflammation and immunity.

Booth #: Foyer
6335 Camp Bullis Road, Suite 12
San Antonio, TX 78257
(210) 698-5575
(210) 698-7128
In August 2003 the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Foundation (VECCF) was officially formed and recognized. The Foundation is classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit association and is totally separate from VECCS. It is managed by a Board of Directors with a group of advisors. VECCF has been formed with the primary objective of supporting research, education and training with funding that is not readily available from other sources. Special projects to include disaster relief funds may also be identified for VECCF support. Donations to the VECCF are tax deductible and are being solicited from corporate and private donors. The ultimate goal is to fund selective educational, research and training projects that will raise the level of patient care for critically ill and injured companion animals.

Booth #: Foyer 10
5 Giralda Farms DB1
Madison, NJ 7940
973 660 6578
Come check out the Veritas (www.VeritasDVM.com) booth and learn about our CPR: Basic Life Support (BLS) course.  It is the only online, peer-reviewed small animal CPR course that teaches the guidelines developed by the RECOVER Initiative (acvecc-recover.org).  It is endorsed by VECCS and ACVECC and available exclusively on Veritas. Participants who complete the course will receive a diploma documenting certification in BLS by ACVECC. The CPR: Advanced Life Support course is coming soon!

Booth #: 105
Vet Imaging
16 Technology Drive, Suite 138
Irving, CA 92618
(800) 618-5081
(949) 727-0650
At VetImaging, our mission is to make a significant difference in veterinary medicine through ultrasound. Through education, VetImaging is committed to improving the clinical usage of ultrasound. We do this through education of emergency medicine practitioners and for the benefit of the doctor, the practice, and ultimately, the patient.

Booth #: 9
Vet Mgr Central
2331 Cardinal Dr
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 279-6553

Booth #: 717
Vet Ray Technology by Sedecal
230 Lexington Drive
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
(847) 702-2011
Vet Ray Technology by Sedecal, is the world’s largest manufacturer of Veterinary specific x-ray equipment.  Vet Ray Technology has the top selling small animal table for both digital and film applications and supplies a wide variety of large animal products

Booth #: 618
Vetel Diagnostics
4850 Davenport Creek Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 781-0890
(805) 980-4543
Love your Imaging. Vetel Diagnostics is a diagnostic imaging company devoted exclusively to the veterinary practitioner. With imaging tools including Flat Panel and Computed Radiography, Ultrasound, Dental Digital Radiography, CT and MRI, and Thermography Vetel offers specific imaging solutions for every veterinarian. Add imaging software, PACS, data archival and great after the sale support for a complete offering of all your diagnostic imaging needs. Vetel Diagnostics, for a Better Look Inside.

Booth #: 116
Veterinary Anesthesia Systems Inc.
P O Box 10397
Phoenix, AZ 85064
(602) 870-7619
(602) 997-0294
The partners at VAS have a combined 80 years of experience in veterinary hospital equipment.  Please stop by our booth #116 to see our specialty lines of anesthesia and ventilation equipment.  We are introducing the new Metran ComposX featuring pressure limited time cycle ventilation. Come see the new Supera Pureline anesthesia and oxygen delivery systems.

Booth #: 1
Veterinary Emergency Service, Inc.
1630 N Fresno Street
Fresno, CA 93703
(559) 486-0500

Booth #: 14
Veterinary Specialty and Emergency center
301 Veterans Highway
Langhorne, PA 19047
(215) 750-7884

Booth #: 707
Vortech Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
6851 Chase Rd
Dearborn, MI 48126
(313) 584-4088
(313) 581-8550
Vortech Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. presents the Fatal-Plus® family for classic euthanasia: reconstitutable powder and premix solution.  Fatal-Plus® has an unparalleled track record of satisfactory performance and is used by the major humane societies and animal control agencies across the United States for superior product humaneness, efficiency, economy, and reliability. Come visit us.  Toll Free: 800/521-4686 

Booth #: 110
Votem Co., Ltd.
27, 856-5, Taegye-dong
Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
VOTEM has been established in 2007 with R&D personnel with master’s or higher degree in its related fields of study to create the new value in the electro-medical device market. We’ll always try to bring you the best electronic-medical products and the best value as a leading manufacturer of electronic-medical devices realizing our corporate philosophy

Booth #: 512
VPI Pet Insurance
1800 Imperial Highway, Suite 145
Brea, CA 92821
714 706 5557
714 989 0533
VPI® Pet Insurance, the nation’s most popular provider of pet health insurance, has over 500,000 pets insured nationwide. We are also a member of the Nationwide Insurance family of companies. Since 1982, VPI has helped provide pet owners with peace of mind and is committed to being the trusted choice of America’s pet lovers.

Booth #: TT-6
VSPN-Veterinary Support Personnel Network
c/o N. W. Smith 10 Primrose St #1308
Palmer Lake, CO 80133
(800) 846-0028
The Veterinary Support Personnel Network is for veterinary support staff working with, for, or in the field of veterinary medicine, under the direction of a licensed veterinarian. Membership in VSPN is free. VSPN's community features include message boards, chats/rounds, and CE, and online resources including the VSPN Notebook®. VSPN’s history of serving the support staff and the worldwide veterinary community is almost 20 years long and growing bigger every day with a membership of over 32,000 team members!

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Wiley has an internationally renowned program of books and journals in veterinary medicine, positioning us as one of the foremost publishers in animal biology and medicine. We work in partnership with veterinary societies and associations worldwide, and our veterinary publishing program represents the very best in academic research, clinical expertise, and student learning.

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Zoetis (zō-EH-tis) is the leading animal health company, dedicated to supporting its customers and their businesses. Building on a 60-year history as the animal health business of Pfizer, Zoetis discovers, develops, manufactures and markets veterinary vaccines and medicines, with a focus on both farm and companion animals. The company generated annual revenue of $4.2 billion in fiscal 2011. Zoetis has more than 9,500 employees and a local presence in approximately 70 countries, including 29 manufacturing facilities in 11 countries. Its products serve veterinarians, livestock producers and people who raise and care for farm and companion animals in 120 countries.